Bringing elegance into everyday life

At Elena C by Elena Carrera we are craftsmanship, elegance, colour, timelessness, art and culture.
Our DNA is Mediterranean, we love curves, the jewels that bring the light that every woman carries inside.
In love with detail, the care for things well done, we enjoy giving the maximum value to each piece we make.


There's no small jewel that doesn't deserve our utmost attention.

We are a brand that aspires to awaken the pleasure of enjoying a touch of luxury in your daily life. Elegance is an attitude that starts with how you take care of yourself.


With a jewelry heritage of more than 100 years, I declare myself in love with the world of jewelry, its past history and the one that is about to be built in our brand. We respect, value and vindicate the artisan work, meticulous and perfect that is necessary to make a jewel.


Elena C By Elena Carrera conveys the spirit of new luxury.
A brand that defends being against appearance,

Our jewellery is authentic, it is what you see, that's why we only use natural stones, never synthetic or precious metals. Environmentally friendly, we adhere to the System of Mutual Guarantees (Sdg) established by the Kimberly Process, which regulates good practice in the global diamond trade. We guarantee that these diamonds are "conflict free" by adhering to the System of Warranties.


Jewels that speak for themselves, like the women who wear them.

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